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Hi, I’m Harry, a marketing consultant based in the South West, UK.

I’ve been helping businesses improve their marketing for over 15 years.

I do this by avoiding the waffle, puffery and simple ineffectiveness of most marketing advice and instead focus on the key factors that build successful, long term businesses today.

Working alongside you and your team, I objectively analyse your business and market from the ground up to write and execute a tailored marketing plan that helps secure a meaningful competitive position for your brand, turbo-charges your online lead-generation funnel and drives revenue, profit and business growth in the direction you want.

I’m honest, direct and I may say things you won’t like to hear about where changes need to be made. But what you will get is no-nonsense advice from someone who knows what works in this digital age of marketing.

Freelance Marketing Consultancy


It’s time you stopped wasting time and money on scattergun marketing activity and put a strategically-sound plan together instead!

My strategy workshop analyses your business, and the market it operates in, from the ground up. Combining marketing fundamentals with relevant advertising techniques, we’ll uncover the best way to reach and appeal to more target customers, increase sales and outgun your competition.

Set over two sessions, the output is a definitive and tailored marketing plan you can implement immediately to drive positive change.

Marketing Strategy
Freelance Marketing Manager

Marketing Management

Do you need help running your marketing department?

I can parachute into your business to provide flexible support – taking responsibility of your entire marketing function or ownership of specific activities you are engaged in.

I have over 15 years experience working in businesses of all sizes and sectors, managing activities such as content development, pay per click advertising, website optimization and SEO, email marketing and much, much more.

Working with me in this way can be a cost effective, low-maintenance and risk-free alternative to hiring permanent or inexperienced members of staff.

“I am thrilled to express my gratitude for the excellent guidance provided by Harry. His expertise and insights have been an invaluable to building and optimising the SEM strategies within the marketing team. Harry’s advice has contributed to a deeper understanding of SEM and a new laser focussed vision to improve performance.

What particularly impressed me about Harry’s approach was his commitment to ensuring that I not only received detailed recommendations, but also that I comprehended the underlying principles. He allowed time to implement changes directly into my Ads accounts, showcasing a hands-on dedication to our success.

I wholeheartedly recommend Harry to anyone seeking top-notch SEM expertise. Thank you for your exceptional support and skill!”

Gemma Roshier

Head of Marketing, Wireless Logic

“Harry has been instrumental in crafting an effective marketing strategy for our new product launch. He worked closely with our team to help us identify where to focus our efforts, craft our message and deliver it to the right audience. He transformed our website from an overly technical product description into a rich set of resources designed to attract the specific customer segment with the most interest in what we have to offer. His hands-on approach helped us to understand the who, what, why and how of our brand awareness campaign and changed our entire marketing approach. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”
Eric Shupps

Chief Technology Officer, Apptigent

“I first asked Harry to support me back in 2019. He took time to understand in detail what we were about and developed a position for the business that I am incredibly proud of. The freshness he created whilst understanding the tone required was excellent. Moreover he helped to distil my offering into an easily digestible menu making it a lot easier for my clients and prospective clients to understand how I may support them. Since the initial work Harry has assisted me on a number of occasions in advise and additional web site support, always with a smile and never have I felt it’s been too much of an effort. Harry has been a pleasure to have working with me and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for support in their marketing activities. I look forward to working with Harry again in the near future.”

Alex Hewes

Managing Director, Hewes Supply Chain Services

“We’ve worked with Harry for many years where he has helped us in all manner of roles – from strategy, to e-commerce management and online advertising. He is extremely versatile, with a vast knowledge of marketing practice and methodology. His expertise has been a great asset to our business. To top it off, he’s great fun to work with.”

Alexander Gorringe

Managing Director, Carr & Westley Ltd

“Harry is incredibly knowledgeable, very easy to work with and brings smart and effective strategic ideas to the table. He has worked incredibly hard to understand our industry and has continually strived to improve our online presence. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Clare Mortimer

Sales Director, Chart Stables Ltd

“Harry has really helped me to take a step back and work on the business not in it. Harry’s wealth of marketing knowledge was shared through a structured process, to look at getting the foundations right and building from there. It was helpful to spend dedicated time focusing on marketing, guided by an expert who can share a different perspective, challenge your thinking and share practical strategies.”

Amy Reynolds

Lead Coach & Facilitator, Team Flair

“We conducted a marketing workshop with Harry and it has been a huge help to our startup business. What really helped was getting clarity in our proposition and who are target market actually was. As a small team that has to do lots of things ourselves, it was nice to end up with an actual plan to follow – we still look at this every day.”

Charles Cavill

Founder, Cavill & Wicks

Freelance Marketing Consultancy

About Me

Hi, I’m Harry. I’ve spent 15+ years helping businesses improve their marketing.

I’ve written marketing plans and run departments for every size and type of business – from FTSE-listed retail giants to start ups and family-run companies – and worked in sectors as diverse as fashion, cloud services, film production, software development, even maritime education!

I hold a first-class degree in marketing and essential digital marketing qualifications that keep me at the frontier of what is happening in modern advertising.


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